How To Tell A Mature Man Likes You
How To Tell A Baby Boomer Man Likes You

You should know how to tell a baby boomer man likes you. Why? Because reading the signs whether a man likes you or not can be confusing. Women are not the only ones who could send mixed signals. Men are guilty of this, too. Men love the attention. It boosts their ego. So, when they sense that you are into him, he’ll probably play around. He might make you feel that he likes you now. Then the next day, you’ll feel that he’s not interested. Here are signs that will help you determine if the guy is into you.

1.  He would make it to a point to always be at his best appearance when you’re around. The guy would do anything just to make a positive impression on you. He would dress well and put on a nice cologne or perfume. He would always keep himself neat and clean looking.

2.  He likes to spend time with you. He’ll make even the lamest excuse just to be near you. For example, he’ll drop by your office and tell you that he went somewhere nearby. He will make that as an excuse to visit you and eventually ask you out for lunch. You’ll see it in his eyes and by the way he smiles that he likes your company. Being near you starts to become the highlight of his day.

3.  He takes notice of even the smallest bit of information about you. Even if you mention the name of one of your co-workers during the conversation, he’ll remember it. You can tell if he really likes you if he remembers all the important stuff you say. He pays careful attention to things like your career, family, ambition, etc. And if you happen to mention it again, he will make you see that he remembered it. Find out how to tell a baby boomer man likes you with this type of behavior.

4.  He makes time for you. If he finds out that you’re not doing anything on the weekend, he’ll ask you out. Even if he already has some other plans, he would cancel it just to spend time with you.

5.  He likes to know you more. He will keep on asking about you. Of course, he will not do this in a stalker-kind of way. You will feel that he is really interested to know you deeper. He’ll ask about your goals, your future plans and how you are when you are in a relationship.

6.  He sends you gifts. Since he pays attention to your likes, he’ll use this to send you gifts. A guy will never spend a dime for a woman he’s not interested in. This is a sure sign that he likes you and wants a relationship with you.

Always remember that if a guy is interested in you, it will certainly show through his actions. It’s difficult to hide your interest towards a person. All the signs mentioned above are how to tell a gentleman after 40 likes you and wants to be with you.